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Custom Pet Illustration

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The most popular item we sell out of everything!  Custom illustrations are the most unique and personal gift!  They also make conversation art pieces hanging on your wall.  

Once you've ordered a custom illustration, you can add it to any product item in the shop (mugs, notepads, cards, phone cases, additional gift prints and more!)

I can create your illustration from a single photo or make it a composite from several photos. Here's how it works:

1) REFERENCE PHOTO: The first photo I need will be known as your Reference Photo. It should be a full length photo of at least 2 of the people to be in the drawing. This lets me establish a height reference and skin tone. Feel free to attach other images to show the other people/pets to be included in the illustration just make sure that the photo has at least 1 of the people from the reference photo in it. (This will let me see the relative heights for everyone/thing to be included).

NOTE: The images you send can be phone camera images, social media screenshots, whatever! Just please make sure they do NOT have a filter applied to them. 

2) CUSTOM CHANGES: Custom changes to your illustration can be anything from outfit and hair modifications to adding/subtracting baby bumps, pet clothing, etc. If you wish to change things from the Reference Photo, please attach a photo to your email or Etsy conversation (it gets real confusing when I get links to photos.) I encourage people to get fun and creative with this! This is the PERFECT time to "try on new outfits" because you'll always look good in everything! ;-)

Example: "Hey Kori, can you make my jeans from the reference photo a sequined red skirt instead?" "And can you give me a sexy top bun too?" ...you get the idea. :-) 

3) BACKGROUNDS: Simplified backgrounds are also options that can be added on to any order. Pricing for these start at $60 for a 9x12 and go up from there.

4) POSING: I can draw illustrations based 100% off the Reference Photo (simply replicating the picture as-is) but for most clients, I add a casual fashion-inspired sassiness to the illustration. I call this the Level of Sassiness and it's a 1-3 scale:

1- Traditional, think American Gothic,
2- A Little Sassiness, you'll see more hips and shoulders for the ladies and "sweet" poses as opposed to bold/confident sassy poses, and 
3- Full of Sass, this is where you'll see runway motion illustrations with hair waving, lots of hips, head turns, and playful scenes.

5) PROOFING: By default, you will not receive a proof. I'll sketch, color and ship it to you as quickly as possible. However, you do have the option to opt-in for a sketched proof. You'll receive a light penciled photo of the illustration that will require your approval before it's colored in. This does incur an additional delay in the quoted turnaround time.

6) SIZES: By default, 1-4 people are drawn on 9x12 paper, 5-6 people are drawn on 11x14 paper, and larger groups are drawn on 14x17 paper. If you would like for your illustration to be upgraded to a larger size, let me know! This may affect pricing.

In short, anything goes! So if you have a question, idea or comment on anything above, let me know! :-)

Custom order turnaround time is 4-5 weeks January-September and 5-6 weeks from October through December.

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