motley illustrates

Life is too serious.  Sarcasm and spunk keep us on our toes. 

If you knew me back in the day, you'd know I was always doodling, drawing, coloring, and crafting.  I even made a few bucks coloring on classmates's book covers in school or drawing logos for the social clubs.  I remember walking across the street to the library just to check out the "How-to" books on drawing.  After a 15 year break from the art (because coloring in college wasn't the least bit "cool", ha!), I've busted back into the scene [like a wrecking ball?]!

Backing this ass up is my crazy compadre, Jennifer.  She's smart, sassy, and beautiful so if you see her lurking around out there in the inter webs, give her a shout out!  Currently, she's heading up Motley Illustrates's social scene and she has a pretty witty hand in the super snarky sayings you see in the shop. ;-)

Our mission is to provide style and sophistication to the everyday messes of life in a jovial #thestruggleisreal way.  

We always love your input for current and new products and ideas so interact with us on Instagram and Facebook!  Who knows, you could even a giveaway. ;-)

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